Jewels® PIS

Jewels® Personal Information System is online software to maintain categorized records of clients, friends, relatives and other business entities with their family members. Following are few more features in it:

  1. Category (Clients, Friends, Relatives)
    • Group (ABC Clients, Special Clients, My Friends)
      • Sub Group (Exhibition Clients, Online Clients)
      • Exhibitions
    • City Wise
    • Country Wise
  2. Family Records with their DOBs & Anniversaries
  3. Daily/Weekly DOB & Anniversary Reminders
  4. Daily Mailers / SMS
  5. Label Printing
  6. Multiple Reports
  7. Integration with WhatsApp, Social Media, SMS Gateway, Promotional Mails Send Connector.
  8. With Jewels CRM, Jewels PIS controls new as well as existing customer interactions and helps in converting prospective clients into clients. will give you more details about Jewels® PIS

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